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Towel Tag is designed to temporarily secure your golf towel without the use of grommets or hooks. Each Towel Tag is manufactured using two separate compounds to create a functional bag tag with exceptional durability.

They are ideal for the temporary storage of golf towels, head covers, rain gear, outdoor and layered clothing.

Own a piece of Towel Tag history with the Towel Tag that started it all with the Towel Tag brand on both sides of the Tag.

Available colours include Black, Red, Pink & Hot Pink.

Towel sold separately.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Andrew Kapanoske
        Must have for serious golfers

        Almost all new golf towels have a slit in the middle with really no where to hang comfortably on your bag. Enter towel tag. Saw an ad for it on YouTube and went straight to their website. It’s well made and seems like it will last a lifetime. I can now hang my golf towels on the side of my bag but easily remove it for those morning rounds where the grass still has dew on it to save my grips from getting wet. And just as easily re-hang it once I’m onto the next hole.

        Robert Nailor
        Red tag matches my bag

        Used my towel tag for the first and it is great! Holds the towel tight and won't fall off the bag. Purchased 2 towels with the tag and so far they are nice quality towels. I will recommend towel tag to all the golfers in my league.

        Must have accessory!

        Just got my towel tag and played a few rounds with it on the bag and it is truly a great product. I'm able to easily grab my towel and bring it to the green with me to clean my ball and it doesn't slow me up to get it back on the bag.

        Beyond that, the Towel Tag can handle the larger player's towels I use (much larger than a standard clip on golf towel). Really appreciate the attention to detail from the company on this product.

        Eddie Dudley

        It makes removing and securing the towel to the bag a breeze

        Donald Rose

        I got the Towel Tag so that I could use larger towels than the common golf towel. It has worked amazingly. Easy to use and keeps my towel in place. Great product.