About Us

For me, creating the Towel Tag arose out of my frustration to access my golf towel during a round of play. Specifically, there wasn’t a simple way to temporarily secure your golf towel and to quickly release it and take my towel with me to the green from the golf bag or golf cart.

Prior to the Towel Tag, most golf towels were secured to the golf bag by means of a standard grommet and hook similar to those used on a shower curtain.

This traditional attachment made it very difficult to easily release the towel when required, for example as a player walks to the golf green to spot, lift and clean their golf ball after reaching the green and prior to lining up your putt.

Therefore, I decided to combine the simple features of the traditional bag tag and an accessible towel holder. Our innovative Towel Tags utilizes “Pull-Thru Technology” to create an entirely new generation of functional bag tags. Towel Tag is designed to temporarily secure your golf towel without the use of grommets or hooks. Each tag is manufactured using two separate compounds to create a functional bag tag with exceptional durability. They are ideal for temporary storage of golf towels, head covers, rain gear, outdoor and layered clothing.

Today our company Towel Tag specializes in using the latest in printing technology to custom create a Towel Tag suited for every golfer, team, organization or golf event.

Towel Tag is a proudly based Canadian company which manufactures and custom prints each tag here in beautiful Ontario, Canada. Our location enables us to provide a level of service, which is unique and advantageous to all of our North American customers.

In 2021, we will be launching the first ever mobile Towel Tag office to be able to physically attend your organization’s next golf event.

Craig Holub

Towel Tag – Founder and President